Power Steering Problems and Steering Parts in Belfast

The steering system on every car is very important and
requires regular maintenance to keep it at an optimum
standard. The steering rack on all motor vehicles is
easily knocked out of alignment by all the speed humps
and potholes in the road. When the wheel alignment
becomes out of tolerance the tyres will wear unevenly
on either edge of the side walls.

Noticeable signs of wheel imbalance to look out for are:

  • Steering wheel is off-set when the vehicle is
    travelling in a straight line
  • The vehicle may drift/pull to the left or right
  • The front tyres will wear bald or show signs
    of uneven wear on either edge

If any of these faults are present on your vehicle we strongly recommend you have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted if necessary, as soon as possible.

At RCS Motors we can prolong the life of your tyres with a free wheel alignment check and regular servicing. Our highly trained technicians can be of assistance to advise you of the best solution for any steering problems.